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Washington DC

During the weekends, there will be a day trip to Washington DC, to see important Washington monuments, Museums, the World War II Memorial, the White House and many more as time permits.

Philadelphia                                                                                                                               Students will take a trip to Philadelphia, where they will see important and interesting monuments within the historic city.

Pennsylvania                                                                                                                                         The State of Pennsylvania and Gettysburg, is the location of the program. Besides daily trips to museums and historical monuments in Gettysburg, students will take a special trip to Hershey Park Pennsylvania, Hanover Pennsylvania as time permits and the surrounding Shopping outlets in Gettysburg and its environs.

New York                                                                                                                                                On a special weekend students will visit New York City and get the opportunity to see important places like: Times Square, Fifth Avenue, St Patrick’s Cathedral, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, United Nations, a ride on the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island NY, shopping malls and more as time permits.


Depending on size of group, two or three tutors and the director of program or the Associate director will accompany students on trips for safety and effective coordination.






4:30 pm - Dinner  @Director' home


6:30 pm - Movie Night @Gateway Theatre

4:00 pm - Bowling Night @Chambersburg






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Study Life


My interest in English was inspired by my American teacher, who despite the difficulties I encountered, made it possible for me to communicate in the language by the time I was ready to begin my senior High School years. I have since realized the importance of the language and why I must develop my language skills to satisfy the demand by employers for English speakers.


I encourage other teens with passion for language study to see the opportunity and take the worthwhile journey to Gettysburg. The town is beautiful, the landscapes are great and the tranquility of learning English in a historic town like Gettysburg is immeasurable.   

Our Excitements

Our group is excited about the opportunity to learn English in Gettysburg. As teenagers, we appreciate new challenges and love the idea of experiencing something new. While we consider education as a gateway to knowledge and success, we also appreciate the excitements that come along with studying in a foreign land, as a way to remain cool.


We are happy for the opportunity that Gettysburg language institute offers through learning and we can't wait to share our experiences of life in a historic American town.


Annual Gettysburg Fireworks


Gettysburg Language Institute Presents:
Awesome News


As weird as it may sound, the knowledge many foreign students have about America came from Hollywood movies and TV shows. The idea of learning English in the U.S. and the opportunity to overcome the fiction and experience the reality of living and studying here, is a dream come true for many.


The anticipation of being able to mingle with other students is awesome. We look forward to visiting major U.S. cities and share our learning experiences with students from other nations attending the program.

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