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About Gettysburg Language Institute

Program Director's Welcome,

Welcome to Gettysburg Language Institute. We are a private language school in Gettysburg Pennsylvania, the historic site of the American civil war. If you have never been to Gettysburg, then I am happy to inform you of the excitements to expect if you choose to apply and take part in our summer program, prepared specifically for you.


Gettysburg is a small, touristic and famous town and besides being the site of the American Civil War, where the Gettysburg battle took place, it is also known as the place, where Abraham Lincoln delivered his famous Gettysburg Address. Gettysburg is surrounded by National Parks and very close to Washington DC and Baltimore.


While here, you will learn English with the best teachers available, live with an American family and enjoy the environment Gettysburg offers. As a student you will not only be studying English during the 3 weeks program, but also, take part in activities and visit major American cities like New York, Washington DC and Baltimore.


The program will last about 3 weeks during, which you will be able to improve your English through listening, the use of words and daily communication with Americans. You will also have the privilege of meeting with students from the area high school whenever possible.


This is a great opportunity to take a step further and learn the language you love in a historic American city. Exciting moments awaits you if you decide to apply. We look forward to your arrival and I wish you the best in your endeavors.



Dr. Adeyemi Oshunrinade (E. JD)

​Founder & Program Director

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Our Philosophy


We believe in the shared understanding that knowledge is key to success that helps guide our human relations and daily interaction with friends and families. Irrespective of ones nationality, people feel respected and important, when others are able to interact and communicate with them in their native tongues. This ideology has helped shape the importance attached to the study of languages for decades and remains a fundamental source of how we communicate with one another.


Our belief in language as an important communication tool is a guiding principle that drives the desire to spread its study to the needy irrespective of race, color and creed. The essential of English unlike other languages is immense. Organizations around the world demand its knowledge as a major language of commerce and international organizations such as the United Nations, has English as one of its official languages. Our principle is to expand on these shared beliefs and help promote the study of English as a foreign language.

Our History


We are a private English language institute, born out of the desire to share knowledge and bring the study of English to every High School student around the world, with the interest to learn English and acquire knowledge of one of the most widely recognized languages in the world. Part of the goal is to offer students from other nations the opportunity to experience the town of Gettysburg and see other major U.S. cities, while they live among Americans and enjoy a share of the American way of life in a proper American home.


The idea of the institute came to being upon finding that no such institute exists in Gettysburg, that brings High School students from abroad to the historic town, solely for the study of English. With the exception of ESL programs, which provides for the language needs of local Hispanic and Latino families in town, there exists the need to open the opportunities to other parts of the world especially to students interested in the study of English but with less means and network to do so.

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