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We are delighted about your visit to this page designed for American students. Over the years, Gettysburg Institute has received High School students from Europe interested in the American experience and the study of English. For some of them, it was the first visit that brought to reality the America they heard about and saw in the movies.


While here, they learn English with the best teachers available, live with an American family and enjoy the environment Gettysburg offers. Their 3 weeks experience also includes visits to towns in Pennsylvania, activities and tour of other major American cities like New York, Washington DC, Baltimore and the state of Virginia.


The time has come to give the same opportunity to High School students from the United States but, with a big difference that is, we are taking you to Europe! American students now have the privilege of participating in our 2 weeks summer program. For those learning Spanish in High School, Art students and those not in the Spanish program but interested, you can now join the trip organized by the Institute to Spain.

During the 2 weeks program, you will experience not only the country but also the culture and way of life of its people. While in Spain, you will visit 5 major cities. Your summer experience includes living in Seville and visits to Madrid, Cordoba, Granada and Toledo. Your trip comes with accommodation by host family and meals. Each day at every city, you will see important monuments, historical places and museums. Our staff will be at hand to supervise for the entire trip.


This is a great opportunity to enjoy the summer in historic Spanish cities. Get out of the snow! Exciting moments waits if you decide to come. Check out the brochure for our fees, which includes accommodation, food and trips. Please go through our website and contact us by email for a quick response. We look forward to having you and I wish you the best in your endeavors.

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